Hi There!

My name is Joseph Dorri.  I’m an educator, researcher, speaker, and author. A great adage states, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”  Today my work centers around youth development.

After facing my own obstacles after high school and during college, I saw the need for supportive information and resources that support teens and ‘twenty-somethings’.

As a result, I have written a book and established the Project for Youth Empowerment That Scales (PYETS)

joseph dorri (21 of 21)

PYETS puts young people in the driver’s seat of their lives. It provides them with the resources necessary to make informed decisions for themselves.

My book is soon to be released. Its title is College – Will it Make or Break You?“.  It helps young people navigate college, maximize their time while there, and come out with better opportunities.

My goal is to empower younger generations to make the brightest future for themselves. 

I present and speak on the topics of success in life and college. This work is based on my research and first-hand experiences. For a review of my presentation to a stellar group of high school students, see the Presentations section of this website.

In addition, I work one-to-one with students. I mentor them and provide my personal and professional attention.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to being in touch!

Kind regards,