Hello, my name is Joe – I’m an educator, speaker, researcher, consultant, and author.

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A great adage states, “Be who you needed when you were younger.”  Today this is exactly what I am doing, so my work centers around youth development and coaching.

Currently, I’m building a website to enable young people to better plan for their lives after high school. It’s called the Project for Youth Empowerment That Scales (PYETS).

I am also completing a book on college success.  The title is “College – Will it Make or Break You?“.  It helps students to navigate college, maximize their time while there, and come out with better opportunities.

In addition, I work with educational institutions and organizations that serve K – 16 students to help develop and refine their programs and approach to student engagement.

A mission of mine is to introduce assessments into the college entrance orientation process. You can learn more about this in the “My Mission” page.

I also provide motivational speeches and work with schools to develop workshops important to their students’ success.

Lastly, I also work one-to-one with students, which is perhaps my greatest passion.

Please feel free to learn more about my work and me by using the tabs above.

Thank you and looking forward to being in touch!

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