About me

I was born at UCLA hospital on March 14, 1984. I attended a public high school and college and completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of Southern California. Thereafter, I completed a master’s, wrote a book, developed a psychological questionnaire, and founded a nonprofit. Today I spend most of my time teaching and leading the nonprofit, The Good Student.

My key mission is to have the nonprofit’s Student Success Survey used at high schools and colleges across the country and internationally. Below is some more information about me, but I like to preface it with sharing that I was once a depressed and failing high school student and eventually struggling college student, and this is why I’m so committed to helping students.

Accolades include being awarded the Most Promising Future Educator Scholarship from the Santa Clarita Retired Teachers’ Association, Ed Walsh Service Award for service to the honors society chapter and the college campus, and the Most Outstanding HITE (High Intensity-Transfer Enrichment) and Honors Program Award.

I graduated in the top 69 among 2 million 2-year college students and was presented to the California State Legislator at the State Capitol. I shared my independent research at the prestigious Western Psychological Association’s Convention and completed four graduate-level courses as an undergraduate at the University of Southern California. I am appreciative to my mentors include, Phillip Zimbardo, Noam Chomsky, and others for their support.

I have also been advised and mentored by superb academics and psychologists. I’ve been an instructor and tutor in martial arts, health and fitness, statistics, and psychology. I’m just a person who likes green tea, dogs, and people.