The Good Student: How to Take Control of Your College Years is written to equip every high school and college student with the insights and skills necessary to smoothly transition into and through college. Decades of research and first-hand experiences are used to help students find a fulfilling career, graduate sooner, have zero or less debt, and be healthy and happy through it all. One hundred percent of sales go directly into the nonprofit to support its activities to reach students across the country and globe.

 “It has the potential of creating a tailwind in college for those who read it.”
―Frank Chang, USC’s Head of Registrar and Professor of Education

“In my award-winning PBS series Discovering Psychology, I cover the fundamental principles in psychology and make the subject accessible to the public. In this book, Joe Dorri has done the same for school and college success. He makes use of personal experiences, applies years of research, and his personable teaching style to help young people connect the dots from their present to a fulfilling future.

Fundamental to this work is the highlight of psychological factors that influence college success and life outcomes, which include mental health, a sense of belonging, mindset, and attributional styles. Any student who is interested in navigating college, gaining life direction, and maximizing their time in school should read this book. It also highlights self-development, civic engagement, career preparation, and other topics that make a college experience worthwhile and complete.

Those who support students, such as parents and counselors, also need to read this book to gain a comprehensive look at the obstacles emerging adults face. This book addresses the distinct challenges of diverse student populations, such as first-generation college students, minorities, athletes, and women in STEM. Furthermore, school leaders will benefit from this read as they will find useful initiatives and practices to increase academic achievement, persistence, and long-term success for their pupils and institutions. 

I highly recommend this book and The Good Student organization that offers the Student Success Survey, which enables students to get immediate support and streamline their journey to school and life success.”

​​–Philip ZimbardoProfessor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University, Past President of the American Psychological Association, and TED Speaker