Mentoring can take on different forms. And I recommend you have more than a single mentor. As I tell my students, it’s good to have an overarching mentor and mentors for key areas of their lives, such as with their field of study and career.

You can see this in the example of Socrates, who mentored Plato, who the mentored Aristotle. This lineage and process impacts the mentee’s world view, behaviors, and life trajectory. My life has been shaped in part to some of the mentors I have chosen and who have chosen me. Mentors are people who have traveled the journey you are currently on and have insights that will often expedite your personal and professional success.

I take on about one mentee a year, depending on various factors, such as time and the needs of my other mentees. Often these people come from my course. Mentorship is a lot more intense than usual advising. If you are interested, please free to send me a message using the contact tab. I may not be able to reply to everyone, but I will have read them.

​”Joe’s mentoring style comes from a kind heart and a life journey filled with valuable experiences.”
–Calvin, High School Student

“As a parent, you want to get the right advice. I wish we knew the information Joe shared when our child first started college.”
―LeeAnn, Parent of a College Student