I am an educator, researcher, consultant, and author. 

My background includes being awarded the Most Promising Future Educator Scholarship from the Santa Clarita Retired Teachers’ Association, Ed Walsh Service Award for service to the honors society chapter and the college campus, and the Most Oustanding HITE (High Intensity-Transfer Enrichment) and Honors Program Award.

Although I was once a failing high school student, I learned how to navigate college and graduated in the top 69 among 2 million 2-year college students, presented my research at the prestigious Western Psychological Association’s Convention, and completed four graduate-level courses as an undergraduate at a 4-year university, the University of Southern California.

I have always been passionate about teaching and helping young people navigate life.  As a result, I have been writing a book on college success.  Its content covers selecting a major, campus resources, STEM fields, campus integration, internships, financial aid, and other important topics.  This work has been picked up by a publisher.

My interest in teaching began at a young age teaching fine arts, then martial arts, and finally tutoring in Statistics for community college students.  In the most recent years,  I have tutored high school students who are in foster care and seek to succeed academically and plan for their life after high school.

At the high school level, I collaborate with administrators and teachers to improve students’ transition to college, support their trajectory of retention, and provide resources to support mental and physical well-being. In addition, my new book will be out soon titled College – Will it Make or Break you?

I am currently working on establishing a website to help students navigate their lives.  I still continue to do research into developmental psychology, postsecondary school retention, factors in successful academic performance, and life satisfaction.

When I’m not working on my book or career aspirations, I enjoy practicing martial arts, jogging, and making new friends.

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