Student Success Survey

The current situation of students and society:

  • One in five high school students suffer from depression
  • Anxiety and depression have increased since the start of the pandemic
  • 75% of all mental health issues arise by the age of 24
  • Only 59% of college students complete a four-year degree in six years​
  • Women, minorities, first-generation and other groups still face unique challenges 
  • Many students haven’t discovered their eco self-efficacy to address the greatest challenge to human society, namely climate change

​The Student Success Survey (S3) was developed in response to the needs of students and schools. S3 is an evidence-informed questionnaire that can beimmediately and easily administered for any school size. 

By gauging students in the key influences on well-being and school success, we are able to strengthen each area. 

As a result, S3 can support all schools’ aims of increasing academic achievement, retention, school persistence, prevention of on campus and off campus violence, student well-being, and family and community cohesion.You can use the link below to access the Student Success Survey (S3) anonymously and no charge. You will also get a free copy of TheGood Student book. Keep in mind each survey used costs us 40 cents. So please consider donating so to make the survey free for more students.

Learn more here: Student Success Survey